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Responsibility Strong brands have an earned reputation and deep stakeholder loyalty. Strong brands don’t happen by accident, they are built through rigor and consistency. Strong brands have guidelines, brand design systems, tools and resources. In short, strong brands work very hard to become strong and to stay that way. We all play an important role in ensuring the success of the Novartis brand. Each time a piece of collateral is developed, a PowerPoint is created, or a video is produced, it must follow the brand guidelines. Every project should begin by using one of our templates — whether designed in-house or by an external agency. Templates are designed to be used “as is” and changing the layouts or formatting is not allowed because it dilutes the consistency and impact of our brand. As we all work to apply our refreshed brand to our communications, share your work with us so we can continue to learn and master the new brand system together. There’s no other company like Novartis, so let’s convey that through the communications we share with the world. The corporate brand team is available to answer questions and help however we can. We can be reached at [email protected].